Are Bed Bugs Lurking in Your Beds? Here’s What to Do

Knowing that you have bed bugs early is key so that any infestations may be avoided. While the treatment against bed bugs may cost money and is inconvenient, this is a better option than having to treat an infestation. Nevertheless, there are many insects that might be mistaken for bed bugs like carpet beetles. Accurately identifying bed bugs is likewise part of the prevention of infestations.

Bites on one’s skin is not an accurate indication of bed bugs. Their bites are quite similar to other insect bites like those of mosquitoes. Their bites can also be misinterpreted as rashes or other forms of skin infections. Additionally, there are many people who do not show outward signs of these bites. As such, other indications should be used.

Shells from the eggs of the bed bugs is a confirmation of their presence. The females can produce over 300 eggs in their reproductive years. These eggs likewise take more than 10 days to hatch. Aside from the shells, the outer casing of the bed bugs may also be seen. These are exoskeletons that they grow out due to their increase in size. So if there are shells and moulting in your mattress, there are probably bed bugs.

If you use light-colored bed sheets and have bed bugs, you may notice some stain in your bed. These could be black spots that are the dried excretion of the bed bugs or blood spots where you could have crushed these bed bugs after they fed on you.

Bed bugs are also fairly visible to the naked eye. With the proper lighting, you can inspect the corners within your mattress or furniture for bed bugs. They are oval shaped and are brownish in color. They are about the size of an apple seed and cannot fly.

Lastly, bed bugs often leave an offensive and musty odor from their glands. Furthermore, to get rid of bed bugs, you can start by cleaning up your space and making sure that no eggs are left behind. Often vacuuming and washing of beddings, curtains, and linens will surely help prevent any future bed bugs infestation.