How Mattresses Help People with Back Pain Problems

A comfortable mattress is recommended for people who constantly experiences back pain. Because of this, it is important to wisely choose the mattress that you will use for everyday sleep, rest or nap. Here are some tips in choosing the suitable mattress for the back pain.

Do not choose a mattress with a lumpy and firm surface because this will make the spinal cord unable to make a proper posture in the long run, and consequently, the occurrence of back pain. As such, avoid the traditional spring mattresses. Spring mattresses are generally flat and prevent the lower back to achieve a comfortable position because the flat surface does not allow more compression. Also, this is not good for back sleeper, mainly because the flat surface will not provide support for the knees, which will make the head falls further backwards. This position is uncomfortable and causes pain on the lower back.

Consider the conformity of the mattresses. Conformity means that the mattress is able to occupy the body shape, allowing the hips, shoulders, and other wide body parts to lower, while the rest stays at top. For this, it is recommended to use mattresses with memory foam. This will give you a better conformity while maintaining the needed body supports. Because of this, the memory foam is considered to be one of the most suitable foam for back sleepers.

For the people who have already back pains prior to the purchase, it is advisable to use medium-firm mattresses. According to the orthopedic doctors, medium-firm mattresses allow gradual healing from body stresses, and the muscles ease the tenses at the same time during sleep; hence, giving a better and comfortable sleep. Moreover, this also all suitable for back sleepers, as the previously mentioned disadvantages in using spring mattresses are now solved by the medium-firm mattresses. Likewise, for side sleepers, medium-firm mattresses allow more cushion for the hips and shoulders.

Memory foam and medium-firm mattresses are both easily accessible in online and department stores. They are both durable and affordable, so customers do not have to worry about the price.